Web Content is One of the Most important Google Factor

important Google Factor

Search engines are evolving their algorithms to provide the best possible results. And quality content is a huge factor that will influence the algorithms. In fact, web content is one of the most important Google Factor. There are three signals that help Google rate your content Level of engagement When a person clicks on your […]

Website bounce rate is indicator if your website needs redesign

Website Bounce Rate

This is to all website owners and those responsible for the maintenance of websites. Great care must be taken during the design of any website. Especially the graphic design of your website really counts a lot on whether your website is going to be ranked top or not in the search engine. If the website […]

Domain registration and hosting

Domain Registration and Hosting

As much as many customers register domain names to create websites, they may not be aware of anything to do with creating websites and it’s for this reason that many companies do offer hosting services for their mutual customers. In order to understand domain registration and hosting, we ought to understand few things that ranges […]

10 top Web design magazines every web designer should read

10 top Web Design Magazines

The world has gone through various stages of revolution since its creation some many years ago. People have now moved from what many refer to an analog way of life to a digital life. What an amazing development. There has been invention of computers and later on the idea of the internet which tends to […]