Google Announces New Security Measure for Website Owners (HTTPS)

New Security Measure for Website Owners (HTTPS)

In the light of recent ongoing hacks, break ins, and breeches of security within the online community both corporate and individual, Google has begun moving forward to accelerate online security for users and creators. In order to promote advanced security measures website owners can take to secure their own domains; Google has begun to reflect […]

Web design for Start ups

hire a professional web designer

Everyone has their first time in everything they do, but being a first time does not mean poor quality and amateur-type performance. For anyone beginning on web design, the first step is to get training on the same. There are various sources of training including free online tutorials. Given the complexity of web design for […]

CMS vs. Classic Web Design

CMS vs. Classic Web Design

A website is one of the most powerful tools for your marketing campaign. The best way to have a website is to have it built by a webmaster. Nevertheless, it does not pain to know what it takes to build a website; moreover, it will give you the necessary decision making power for example, how […]