Call to Action Web Design


Call to action (CTA) web design is something that is sometimes not understood by many designers, especially in the area of what makes a good call to action. CTA web design is primary getting visitors to do something like, add to cart, sign up, log in, download, etc and it is in the form of […]

Social Media for Actors


Social media has become one of the vital and most significant tools of communication. However, the use of the various social media platforms depends mainly on the user and the use-objective. To make maximum use of social media, it is increasingly important that one takes into account these aspects. One of the user-types that find […]

Web Design in 2015

Responsive Website Design

As the years 2014 comes to an end and another 2015 sets in, so does the trends of web designing. If you are a web designer, then you should be acquitting yourself with the new trends of web design in 2015. Over the year, some of the hot trends have been responsive web design, content […]

GuSTO Going Supernova Traits Optimizer iOS App

Gusto App

With New Year’s Resolutions planning in mind, it’s time to put your plans for achieving your goals into action. Available in Apple’s App Store when searching for GuSTO: Going Supernova Traits Optimizer or for direct download when on your iOS device at:, this app allows you to easily connect and interact with sought after advisers […]