Professional Web Designers Should Have Built Their Own CMS Framework

Professional Web Designers

To power up your site, you should use a content management system (CMS). You need to invest in it, especially if your website is your main tool in communicating with your clients or customers. With CMS, you can be sure that they keep on coming to your site. But, should professional web designers build their […]

Magento Community Version 2.0 Released

Magento 2

Magento Community Version 2.0 has finally been released, after several years of development. Both the Enterprise and Community editions are impressive. However, it may not be used by many of the top eCommerce sites this coming Black Friday because it’s been released just a week before the holiday season. But most sites will surely upgrade […]

Instagram Management Most Powerful Social Media Marketing

Powerful Social Media Marketing

Years ago, Flickr was the best place to share images. Then, there was the birth of Pinterest. After Facebook bought Instagram, it became an instant hit making it a powerful tool. Instagram is the most powerful social media marketing tool to share images online. Currently, it has amassed more than 400 million (and counting) users around […]

HTML5 Techniques for Responsive Design

HTML5 Techniques

Ever since Google announced the importance of a responsive design in ranking a website, this kind of design has become a web standard. Many companies accepted the challenge and created a design that resolves an issue of cross-platform. Here are some HTML5 techniques to keep in mind when building a responsive design. Responsive images Images […]

Bootstrap – World’s Most Popular Mobile First Responsive Design


Bootstrap is still the world’s most popular framework that designers use to build a responsive design. Responsive design has become a must-have, rather than being just a good-to-have.  As more and more people are opening and browsing the web trough their mobile devices, it just makes sense to make your site mobile-friendly. This framework is an […]

Why is WordPress CMS Platform The Most Favorable SEO Platform

wordpress custom theme

Since its initial release in 2003, the WordPress CMS platform has become the most favorable SEO platform. CNN, Forbes, and eBay are just three of the sites powered by WordPress. In fact, Matt Cutts of Google is a fan of this platform. WordPress users can understand why this platform is extremely popular. It’s easy to […]

Get Your Online Marketing Ready for Black Friday Sales

Online Marketing Ready for Black Friday Sales

Is your website ready for the holiday season? Black Friday is nearly coming. It’s one of the most profitable times of the year for online businesses. If you want to make 2015 your best year as an online retailer, then you need to get your online marketing ready for Black Friday sales by planning ahead. […]

Professional Web Design Agency Vs DIY Web Design

Professional Web Design Agency

Thorough planning is essential before you even build a website for your company. This is to ensure that the outcome is a success for the growth of your business. To expand your presence from brick-and-mortar business to online market, you need the experience and expertise of a professional web design agency. Hiring a professional may […]

Responsive Design Vs. Mobile Design

Responsive Design Vs. Mobile Design

Did you know that a mobile web user will leave a site if it is not optimized for mobile? And did you know that more and more people are using their mobile devices to visit a website? The number of mobile users will continue to grow in 2016. That said, you need to step into […]

Websites Depot Launching Its Own WordPress Template with Custom Built Framework

Wordpress Template with Custom Built Framework

Finally, Websites Depot is launching its own WordPress template with custom built framework. These templates will allow you to modify the design quickly even if you have little knowledge about designing and coding. The templates that will soon be introduced on the market will be designed by Websites Depot team of developers and designers. Each […]