Why You Should Not Copy Google Adwords Ad Campaigns?

Google Advertising Adwords Management

Copying Google Adwords Ad Campaigns from other businesses related to yours is easy. But there are drawbacks to doing so. Whatever your reason is, carbon-copying an ad campaign can be wrong if you don’t do it the right way. Google Adwords Ad Campaigns – Decreases chances of success Launching a new campaign has a goal of […]

Online Marketing Services are Vital Today

online marketing services

If you have been hesitant to get involved with any type of online marketing services for your business you are missing the boat. Your business competitors are taking advantage of the fact that you have little online presence and are likely getting customers that might be coming your way if you were marketing your business the […]

Fixing the utf8mb4 issue on site migration with Backupbuddy

Fixing the utf8mb4 issue

Upon migrating a site with backupbuddy, you can occasionally get “Error #9010: Unable to import SQL query. Error: Unknown collation: utf8mb4_unicode_ci Errno: 1273 or Errno: 1146”. This typically happens on WordPress migrations from localhost to the live site, though it can happen when moving a site from one server to another. The good news is […]

Difference Between SEO and CPC


The primary difference between SEO and CPC is that the traffic from SEO is free while the visitors from CPC isn’t. But they’re an essential part of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Several factors affect how your content or ads will appear on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The keywords you’re targeting, the keywords you […]

How to Boost Local SEO Rankings?

boost local seo rankings

Local businesses think differently than their larger businesses counterpart. One the reasons is that they must focus on capturing the attention of the locals. That said, it’s ideal to learn how to boost local SEO rankings to improve web presence on search engines.   Google’s algorithm for all local searches is based on blended results. […]

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

Google released several changes to its SERP. It has removed the sidebar ads that appeared in the right part of the results. The ads were transferred to the above section of the SERP. With four sponsored results on top, there are fewer slots available left for organic results to appear above the fold.   By […]

Web Design Agency Los Angeles

Web Design Agency

Choosing the Right Web Design Agency in Los Angeles for Your Business Just saying you have a website for your business is not going to be enough in today’s world. The marketplace is highly competitive in every type of business niche and you are no longer just competing with businesses that are local to you. […]

A Web Development Firm to Guide Your Success

Web Design Agency

While your website may be effective for you when you are first starting out, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to make sure it stays current, up to date and successful. This means you need to be able to make regular changes and updates to keep things looking fresh, maintain […]