The Website Elements Every Dental Website Should Have

The Website Elements Every Dental Website Should Have

The majority of patients today don’t call a dentist’s office for information. Rather, they visit the dentist’s website. Unfortunately, most dentists don’t have the time to manage their online marketing. What they don’t realize is that their website design is a valuable marketing tool. But because of the lack of time to maintain a viable […]

How to Get More Followers on Tumblr?


Social media marketing can be tough. If the majority of customers are on Tumblr, you should consider marketing your products/services in that platform. But this platform has a different approach making it difficult for your brand to stand out. In this post, let’s help you get more followers to reach wider digital reach. Focus on […]

GoDaddy Acquires ManageWP

GoDaddy Acquires ManageWP

On September 6, GoDaddy announced that it had acquired ManageWP, which is a management tool for WordPress site. This tool allows designers and developers to manage their multiple WordPress sites using a single dashboard quickly. They can do so regardless of where these sites are hosted. ManageWP includes automated migration, client reporting, and security features, […]

Facebook and Its WordPress Plugin

Facebook and Its Wordpress Plugin

Facebook’s Instant Articles launched in February 2016, and the networking site introduced a plugin to target millions of publishers to use its platform. Thanks to Facebook and Its WordPress Plugin, it’s now easier for content creators to adapt their articles for the social network’s mobile reader. This plugin is the answer to those publishers who […]

Common Mistakes in Hotel Web Designing

Common Mistakes in Hotel Web Designing

A hotel’s website should be functional. It shouldn’t focus on just colors, photos, and content. Instead, it should be a site that’s useful for potential guests to improve conversion rate and revenue. If you wish to increase your conversion rates, you should not worry about design. Rather, think about the usability of your website. In […]

Can You Lose Money on Web Design?

Can You Lose Money on Web Design

The short answer is yes. You can easily lose money on your web design, especially when you don’t consult with a professional web designer. The reason for this is that it’s easy to get excited about the trends. Most businesses focus on what’s pleasing and forget about how their websites will make them money. Here […]

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud storage allows you to share your files and conduct business on the Internet. Dropbox and Google Drive are just two of the cloud storage companies that offer cloud services to protect your private data. However, the safety of data in the cloud has been called into question after Dropbox reportedly warned its users to […]