How Does Google Adwords PPC Influence Organic Ranking?

How Does Google Adwords Influence Organic Ranking

When it comes to the modern advertising industry, there is no better tool than digital marketing to improve your brand. Out of all the methods you can use, Google Adwords PPC influence deserves a special attention. It is one of the most sophisticated tools available and is in use by millions of companies around the world. […]

How Does an E-Commerce Site Exactly Benefit Your Business?

How Does an E Commerce Site Exactly Benefit Your Business

Although a physical store may provide a sense of immediacy, it is more and more getting swallowed by the notion of E-commerce site. Selling products online will give your brand a global outlook. A physical store with your products requires someone to drive or fly in a plane just to make one purchase. Even though […]

Tips to Increase your Website Efficiency

Tips to Increase your Website Efficiency

Despite the general focus on the visibility, it’s a cold hard truth that simply getting clicks isn’t enough. Clicks aren’t an ego booster. They should be conversions – customers that will establish a relationship of loyalty with you. For this reason, it’s necessary for you to follow these tips to increase your Website efficiency. Therefore, […]

Smart Content for a Smart SEO

Smart Content for a Smart SEO

Every marketer should know that owning a website without having an SEO is like trying to drive a Ferrari without putting gas in it. And in Search Engine Optimization, as well as most of digital marketing, quality content is fundamental. With the many changes in algorithms, SEO and content become more complex. That’s why it […]

Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Social Media Trends That Will Rule in

Digital Marketing is in a constant change and evolution. The advance of mobile devices over desktop when it comes to navigate the internet has affected the way consumers behave and their preferences. And of course, social media platforms are greatly affected by that. That’s why it is essential for you as a marketer to know […]

Get Adwords Management with a Google Partner Agency

Get Adwords Management with a Google Partner Agency

Google Adwords might look like an easy, fast way to rank in the top search engine. Still, is not as easy as it looks. Not knowing the basic traits of this activity can lead to major mistakes. And this has may have a big cost in time and money. In order to take full advantage […]

The Importance of Branding in a Good SEO Strategy

Importance of Branding

It is known that most of the time people pay attention to the brand’s name when it comes to acquire a product or service. It’s been a crucial part of marketing for decades, and it’s getting more relevant today in Digital Marketing. Google gives a special treatment to renounced brands. And that’s only one small […]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends for

2017 end is approaching and it’s good to foresee the digital marketing trends for 2018. Everything suggests that next year the customer relationship will evolve to an even deeper and more dynamic level of customized engagement than this year. Everything seems to revolve around customer’s experience and how to optimize and expand it. Websites Depot […]

Google Updates its SEO Starter Guide

Google Updates its SEO Starter Guide

After over, 7 years, Google revamped its official SEO Starter Guide. It’s a new web-based starter guide that replaces their old 4 PDF one. This new guide includes new sections which highlight the importance of Search Engine Optimization and having a responsive web design, as well as how to add structured data markup. It doesn’t […]