Creating refreshable AJAX content in Woocommerce with Fragments

woocommerce creating refreshable ajax content fragments

Awhile back a client of ours had a request to build them a custom “Footer Bar Popup” for their Woocommerce site. The main purpose of this popup was to help let customers know that they could unlock free shipping, and how far away they were. We gave our client the ability to edit the Free […]

Moving the Shipping Rates in Woocommerce Checkout

move shipping woocommerce checkout

We were initially tasked with a client’s request to have their Woocommerce checkout converted over to look like a Shopify style split checkout. As you may know, they are drastically different, and requires a bit of custom woocommerce development. There are many issues that need to be solved just on the functionality side. I won’t […]

SEJ Summit 2016 with Danny Star

SEO Campaigns

The SEJ Summit in 2016 is another day of learning and networking. It features experts who focus on digital marketing opportunities customized for SEOs. And Danny Star, our award-winning search engine marketing consultant at Websites Depot will attend. The Importance of Attending A lot of you may ask, “why to attend such a conference?” Well, […]

Why You Should Not Copy Google Adwords Ad Campaigns?

Google Adwords Ad Campaigns

Copying Google Adwords Ad Campaigns from other businesses related to yours is easy. But there are drawbacks to doing so. Whatever your reason is, carbon-copying an ad campaign can be wrong if you don’t do it the right way. Google Adwords Ad Campaigns – Decreases chances of success Launching a new campaign has a goal of […]

Fixing the utf8mb4 issue on site migration with Backupbuddy

backupbuddy error 9010 utf8mb4 fix

Upon migrating a site with backupbuddy, you can occasionally get “Error #9010: Unable to import SQL query. Error: Unknown collation: utf8mb4_unicode_ci Errno: 1273 or Errno: 1146”. This typically happens on WordPress migrations from localhost to the live site, though it can happen when moving a site from one server to another. The good news is […]

How to Boost Local SEO Rankings?

Boost Local SEO Rankings

  Local businesses think differently than their larger businesses counterpart. One the reasons is that they must focus on capturing the attention of the locals. That said, it’s ideal to learn how to boost local SEO rankings to improve web presence on search engines.   Google’s algorithm for all local searches is based on blended […]

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

Google released several changes to its SERP. It has removed the sidebar ads that appeared in the right part of the results. The ads were transferred to the above section of the SERP. With four sponsored results on top, there are fewer slots available left for organic results to appear above the fold.   By […]

Online Reputation Management for Anyone by Websites Depot Inc.


Do you really need an online reputation? Yes, you do. Our online reputation management services will help enhance your overall rankings online. If you don’t control your brand over the Internet, then someone else will. Anyone can post negative comments about your company. The comments may or may not be true but your reputation will […]

Adding Video to Your Website Will Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rate

Attracting your visitors and bringing them back to your site is crucial to your company’s success. This is why more and more and website owners are adding videos to their websites to help them stand out from the competition. But why should you do it? Deliver Your Message Quickly Not all visitors or readers of […]

Has Your Businesses Webpage been Penalized by Google Due to Hacking?


We’ve recently been approached by a number of local businesses that have been penalized by Google because they’re businesses website had been hacked. This can seriously damage a business’s online reputation and is beginning to have a broad impact on businesses all over the country. Websites Depot Improves Business Google Search Engine Ranks At Websites […]