Use the best result driven digital agency in Los Angeles

Online Marketing Strategy

Businesses need to make the best use from their digital tools, in order to drive business and increase brand awareness. Despite the increasing importance of an online presence, many companies are still not paying enough attention to their digital assets. This means that the business presents itself in a variety of ways, across a number […]

Teaching Web Design to New Students in Higher Education

Teaching Web Design

Web technology is constantly changing, so much so that many people who began in website design a few years ago feel that technology has made websites look and feel completely different. Website development has a crucial role to play in developing these technologies, but it is also intensely connected to it, so that web developers […]

“This Is How We Built It” Web Design Case Studies

Web Designers

Creating a website from scratch as a professional outfit will often be followed by sharing the knowledge and experience gained from the construction. Web designers often work together on difficult website builds, and the sense of community is enhanced with pages which show “This is how we built it” Web Design Case Studies from successful […]

Web Designing For Digital Products

Online Shopping

The world of ecommerce is increasingly competitive, and many digital products owners are missing the chance to sell their items because they are not able to reach interested audiences. One of the biggest reasons why these businesses are struggling to make an impact with their digital products is due to the poor design of the […]

Can you do SEO for EBay, Amazon or Etsy?

Amazon SEO

Selling through third-party websites such as eBay and Amazon has become an increasingly common business plan, and many companies make their entire living from these websites. However, making your company stand out from the rest is not always easy, particularly if you are offering similar things to other sellers. What you need to do is […]

Google Panda 4.2 Algorithm to keep rolling out for next few months

Google Panda 4.2

Google has been rolling out the poor Panda 4.2 Algorithm for months now, and it seems like there is no stopping this inexorable movement, no matter how slow. Most customers for your business will not even have realized that Google Panda has changed, because of the slow rolling out, and even though there are regular […]

Google Ranking Factors for Local Optimization

Google Ranking

You want to be able to promote your business locally, and in order to do this, you need to make sure that your website appears at the top of the Google search results. Ranking highly in Google can do more for a business than any slick marketing campaign, and so business owners and their web […]

How to Integrate a Successful Blog to Your Ecommerce Website


Connecting an e-commerce site to a blog can be a good way to create more attention for your site, and it can also help to drive traffic towards the store. There are a few ways to create a blog on the site, and businesses can also integrate an existing blog on WordPress into an e-commerce […]

How to Suppress Negative Results in Google Search

Suppress Negative Search Results

Are you desperate to bury a negative report about your business which is currently at the top of the results page when visitors search for your company? Many businesses realize that these negative pages can be extremely damaging to their reputation, and although it was once seen as a problem only suffered by big brands, […]