What You Should Know about AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor

Recently, Google launched AdWords Editor 12. It’s the latest upgrade to the essential software used by PPC practitioners. With its new useful features, it’s truly a welcome upgrade. It also marks a huge improvement to the platform since the last version introduced in 2014. Here’s what you need to know about the new AdWords edit. […]

Ways to Enhance Paid Search Campaigns

Paid Search Campaigns

In order to create a successful search campaign, you don’t have to be a PPC expert. However, you need to understand how it works so you can improve your efforts. Here are some tips to boost the results of your paid search campaigns: Use Conversion Tracking Measuring your PPC campaign is vital. To do that, […]

Things to Know about the New Google Homepage

Google Homepage

Recently, Google released a new mobile homepage. This new homepage is the most significant update Google has made since 1996. That sounds hard to believe, but it’s true – here’s what you need to know about the Google homepage. What’s New? The new homepage lets you customize your news feed according to your interests, location, […]

Snapchat Launches Sophisticated Metrics


It’s true that Snapchat’s stock price is slipping. Its investors are uncertain whether it can keep up with other players, like Facebook and Instagram. But the company has a new offering that arms advertisers with comprehensive metrics that can help them compare Snapchat with other social media networks. Recently, it launched a measurement program that […]

Should You Respond to Negative Reviews? If So, How?

negative reviews

Customer reviews are vital for your marketing campaign. In fact, research shows that reviews can have an impact on your search ranking. The majority of consumers trust an online review the same way they trust a personal referral. Unfortunately, not all reviews are positive. Whether you like it or not, your company will receive some […]

Parts of SEO You Must Never Ignore


When devising digital strategies, it’s vital to develop content and use SEO to drive traffic and search engine rankings. With how massive online content has become, you can now find billions of websites. This robust growth can make it difficult to capture your audience’s attention. Thanks to SEO, however, you can still grab your user’s […]

Marketers Must Focus On Brand Awareness – Here’s Why

Brand Awareness

Before the birth of social media marketing, brand awareness was a top priority. If a brand could advertise on TV or in print, it could easily dominate the industry. In the early days of advertising, brands didn’t need to focus on emotional benefits or unique selling propositions to obtain guaranteed reach. In today’s advertising landscape, […]

How to Increase Sales Using Pinterest?

Increase Sales Using Pinterest

Having a social media presence is more important than ever. Beyond just Facebook and Twitter, millions of people are now using Pinterest. The increasingly popular social media platform allows users to search, “pin”, and share images, and it can be a great tool to build awareness and drive sales. With that being said, how can […]

How Can You Improve Your Content Creation? Here are Some Tips

Content Creation

Content marketing puts content creation at the forefront for most brands and businesses. Because of this, creating effective content has become more important than ever. Although every business has its own definition of what effective content is, the goal is the same — it has to resonate with the target audience. But how can you […]