How to Properly Optimize SEO Content on WordPress

Optimize SEO Content on Wordpress

In our last article, we shared the essentials on how to write SEO content for your website. Now, the next step is to make your blog rank high on SERPs. To do that, it is important to know how to properly optimize SEO content on WordPress. We want to focus on WordPress for two main […]

How to Write SEO Content for Your Website

How to Write SEO Content

How many times did you read the phrase “content is king”? Although repeated, it’s essentially true; especially in Digital Marketing. How to write SEO content for a website is something that many marketers struggle with. Not only because of the effort that takes to feature original, appealing and fresh writing but also, because it’s necessary […]

Useful Social Media Marketing Tips to Achieve your Goals

Social Media Marketing Tips

Search Engine Optimization is a top priority for anyone doing Digital Marketing. But Social Media Optimization has become equally important. 88% of the internet users rely on at least one of these platforms to get information about a brand. In fact, YouTube is the second most powerful search engine, right after Google. So it’s in […]

Key Elements of a Good SEO Strategy

a Good SEO Strategy

Ever since the internet became massive, the main objective of every company with a website is to show up at the top of search engine’s lists. This guarantees that billions of online users will see your brand. Most of them will not go beyond the first page of Google, Yelp or Bing. So the competition […]

The Importance of a Good Web Hosting

a Good Web Hosting

Web Hosting is an essential aspect of running a website successfully.  A good web hosting can provide your site with many benefits. The most obvious is customer experience. Your clients and prospects will definitely appreciate a fast navigation. A fast load time is also one of the many aspects Google keeps in mind when it […]

Why Do I need SSL Certificate for My Site?

Why Do I need SSL Certificate for My Site

Lots of internet buyers around the world have probably seen many times that little green lock on the browser’s bar. Little do they know that very same lock is what allows them to browse an online store safely. That they can add their credit card number, address, phone number and other personal, sensitive information without […]

Can a No-Follow Tag Help Boost Your Search Ranking?

Help Boost Your Search Ranking

Some people cringe when they hear “nofollow” tag in SEO. The reason for this is that SEOs detest nofollow links. But it must not always be the case. In 2005, search engines created a nofollow attribute to fight link spam. Then, Google recommended that website owners must use it for paid link ads. It was […]

How Can I Get More Followers On Instagram?

How Can I Get More Followers On Instagram

Social media is fun. And Instagram is one of the most popular platforms. Millions of people around the world ask themselves “how can I get more followers on Instagram?”. Well, you need to focus on the fun side. But you must also give your audience a reason for why they must follow your account. In […]