Best Face Forward – The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Importance of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is important even for companies with sterling online reputations. Study after study shows that a strong majority of folks trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. In the last few years, online reputation management has gone from something that’s nice for a business to have to an absolute necessity. It’s […]

The True Benefits of an SEO Friendly Website

an SEO Friendly Website

Most companies that suffer from poor SEO are unaware that’s why things aren’t going well.  Sub-standard SEO doesn’t manifest itself as social media marketing posts with a small number of likes or clicks. The signs are websites that don’t reach their potential customers, meager sales, listless traffic and a general sense that the business has […]

Add On to a Business with Google Analytics and AdWords

Google Analytics and AdWords

There’s a lot of confusion around Google Analytics and AdWords: what they are, what they aren’t, and ultimately what they can do for a business. Many believe they’re synonymous with SEO, but they aren’t exactly the same. Simply put, Google Analytics and AdWords have increased specificity and brevity. If one thinks of internet marketing as […]

Understanding How SEO Tools Work

How SEO Tools Work

There are over 1.2 billion websites on the internet. Along with the efforts from major Search Engines to filter those websites through new algorithm and more updates, every marketer needs to take special care to face the challenge of making their sites rank properly and attract traffic. Therefore, understanding how SEO tools work becomes a […]

Recent Changes to Keep in Mind For Your 2018 SEO Strategy

2018 SEO Strategy

We’re already halfway through the year and there are many changes to keep in mind when it comes of a successful 2018 SEO strategy. Even though many of those shifts have been developing during the last years, their impact is getting heavier. Many marketers are out of business, while others learned to stay on top […]

Useful Google Reviews Features For Online Reputation Management

best reputation management tools

No business can do without reviews on the internet today. Either it is a mega corporation or a small local business, it is almost mandatory to have at least a basic listing on the main review sites. And Google is the first one you should aim to. There are some particular Google Reviews features that […]

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

There is life beyond Facebook and Instagram. And understanding how to use Pinterest for Marketing can be a game changer for you. And among the many Social Media platforms out there, this platform is a rough diamond for marketers. It reached the 200 million users in late 2017. People perform over 2 billion queries every month; […]

All You Need to Know About Google Partners Directory

Google Partners Directory

Google Partners Directory is the new venture of the giant search engine to list its most trusted third parties. This directory is part of the ‘Google My Business Partner Program”. It aims to promote companies registered in the Google My Business program. According to an official statement, “The program will give business owners a directory of […]

The Best Instagram Marketing Practices for Local Businesses

Best Instagram Marketing Practices

It is known that Instagram is the Social Media of choice for the Millennial generation. Those who grew up using the internet and handling a cell phone made it the third most popular Social Media right after almighty Facebook and Youtube. As a local business, you can capitalize such huge potential by acing some of […]

The Most Relevant Google Adwords Updates in 2018

Relevant Google Adwords Updates in 2018

In a continuing effort to expand and improve its paid ad service, Google has introduced some relevant Google Adwords updates in 2018. This renewal includes a new version of Google Adwords editor, new shopping campaigns, a type of Ad that targets Youtube users and the announcement of a whole new version of the platform by […]