Facebook and Its WordPress Plugin

Facebook and Its Wordpress Plugin

Facebook’s Instant Articles launched in February 2016, and the networking site introduced a plugin to target millions of publishers to use its platform. Thanks to this new WordPress plugin, it’s now easier for content creators to adapt their articles for the social network’s mobile reader. This plugin is the answer to those publishers who are […]

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Are you thinking of outsourcing your social media marketing activities? If you are, then you are not alone. A significant number of companies, these days, are outsourcing their social advertising. If you are not yet outsourcing it, here are some reasons you may want to consider it soon: Inexpensive One of the reasons many companies […]

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Profitable Campaign Tips You Must Try

Profitable Campaign Tips You Must Try

An Adwords campaign is not just about keywords, but it is also about knowing what you must avoid and implement those changes quickly. On this post, let’s talk about some profitable campaigns that you can try to get better results. Relevant to Your Business Campaign To boost online sales through Adwords campaign, you should enter […]


How to Recycle Old Content

When you recycle old content, you’re not exactly saving trees, but you’re making your online marketing more efficient. Recycling content isn’t about being lazy. Rather, it’s about improving your old content to adhere to the latest ideas. Recycling your old content will also help you save time and effort as you’re busy running your own […]

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How to Optimize CPC Advertising

To have a high-performance CPC advertising campaign, the targeted text ads should be compelling. Your campaign is the first contact that your potential customers have with your website when they search for something that’s related to your business. When your ad shows up, your potential customers may click on your ad. These clients will only […]