The Best Adwords Tweaks You Must Try

The Best Adwords Tweaks You Must Try

Adwords can be difficult to understand and make it harder for a small business to compete with the big brands. Instead of spending on ineffective ads, take a look at these strategies that you can implement on your Adwords account. Know what triggered the ads The most important step to run a successful ad for […]

Improving The Quality Score Of Your Google Adwords

Improving The Quality Score Of Your Google Adwords

If your Google Adwords ads are in the bottom of the SERPs, it could indicate that the quality score is low. But don’t worry, you could still improve it. Google Adwords quality score is a measurement of your ad’s quality based on the user experience. The best ads get the number 10 score. If your […]

Why do I need a Custom landing page for my CPC Campaign?

Why do I need a Custom landing page for my CPC Campaign

The main objective of investing in a landing page is to convert visitors you’ve paid for into clients. The landing page should express these five key factors in order to attract quality leads: Who we are? What is your company’s vision? What sets you apart? What we do? What do you specialize in? Give a […]

Where Can You Download Public Domain Images?

As a website owner, you should be careful in adding photos to your blog or website to avoid infringing copyright. You can’t just use any image you found online. The good thing is that there are images that fall under public domain category. Public domain images can be used for whatever purpose you choose. Although […]

Facebook and Its WordPress Plugin

Facebook and Its Wordpress Plugin

Facebook’s Instant Articles launched in February 2016, and the networking site introduced a plugin to target millions of publishers to use its platform. Thanks to this new WordPress plugin, it’s now easier for content creators to adapt their articles for the social network’s mobile reader. This plugin is the answer to those publishers who are […]

Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Are you thinking of outsourcing your social media marketing activities? If you are, then you are not alone. A significant number of companies, these days, are outsourcing their social advertising. If you are not yet outsourcing it, here are some reasons you may want to consider it soon: Inexpensive One of the reasons many companies […]

Profitable Campaign Tips You Must Try

Profitable Campaign Tips You Must Try

An Adwords campaign is not just about keywords, but it is also about knowing what you must avoid and implement those changes quickly. On this post, let’s talk about some profitable campaigns that you can try to get better results. Relevant to Your Business Campaign To boost online sales through Adwords campaign, you should enter […]

How to Create Successful Adwords Campaign?

Google has made several significant changes to its Adwords platform. With the latest updates, some of you might be struggling in creating successful campaigns. Here at Websites Depot, we have learned that the key to a successful Adwords campaigns is a balance. On this list, let’s us talk about how you can reach Adwords success […]

Adwords for B2B Company

B2B companies think that they can’t earn money in Adwords. You can’t blame them because some B2B companies spent thousands of dollars on Adwords but they do not make a single sale. It is either they are using it the wrong way, or there is a problem with Adwords. Those companies that utilize Adwords properly […]

Online Advertising Predictions in 2016

In the world of digital, many online marketers are making a forecast on what’s to come. You should know the trends to help you beat your competition and be able to stay ahead of the game. Social Ads Marketing your business is no longer limited to offline methods. Online advertising has become widely available and […]