Improving The Quality Score Of Your Google Adwords

Improving The Quality Score Of Your Google Adwords

If your Google Adwords ads are in the bottom of the SERPs, it could indicate that the quality score is low. But don’t worry, you could still improve it. Google Adwords quality score is a measurement of your ad’s quality based on the user experience. The best ads get the number 10 score. If your […]

Come Meet Our Team at Our Next Google Partners Connect Event April 19th

Google Partners Connect

The next Google Partners Connect event takes place on April 19th inside of our main offices in Silver Lake. This year, Google is putting together Partners Connect streams specific to industries.  In the coming months, Partners Connect events will cover online marketing techniques specific to the automotive, online video, classifieds, home services, business to business, […]

Websites Depot Named Among Top 3 Web Designers in Los Angeles

Websites Depot

Los Angeles, CA, March 21, 2017 ( – Websites Depot has been named as one of the “Handpicked Top 3 Web Designers in Los Angeles” by the independent “Three Best Rated” website and publication.  Much like it selects all honorees for different U.S. cities, staff at the publication independently selected the agency through verification of reviews, […]

Google Killed Off Link Command

Google Killed Off Link Command

The link command is officially dead, and Google is telling all webmasters and SEO experts to stop using it. But what is link command? You may ask. It is a feature that lets you use “” So, if you write “,” the result will include a list of web pages that contains links to Google’s […]

SEO Trends To Watch In 2017

SEO Trends To Watch In 2017

Google, Bing, and other search engines change their rules frequently. That said, you should stay abreast to the changing landscape of SEO to meet your company’s search-based targets. So, this year, make sure that you adjust your site’s SEO strategy. How? Here are some tips. AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP reduces bounce rate. AMP […]

Reasons Google Hates Your Site

Reasons Google Hates Your Site

Google is considered as the ultimate judge regarding ranking how your site works. That said, make sure that you are on the search engine giant’s safe side. Now, if your site is not ranking well, there is a huge chance that Google hates it. To remedy that, make sure to audit your site frequently to […]

Awards Keep Coming for Websites Depot in 2016

Web Agency

L.A. web agency Websites Depot has collected several more awards and honors in 2016, having been recently named as “The Best at Boosting Your Business” by virtue of a public vote in their local community.    The honor was announced by the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce, who awarded the agency with signed certificates of […]

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud storage allows you to share your files and conduct business on the Internet. Dropbox and Google Drive are just two of the cloud storage companies that offer cloud services to protect your private data. However, the safety of data in the cloud has been called into question after Dropbox reportedly warned its users to […]

What to do When Your Site is Hit with a Google Penalty?

Google Penalty

For the past few years, Google has been updating its algorithms drastically. The tweaks and updates were implemented by the company to provide users the best possible answers to every search query they make. To know whether or not your site has been penalized, you should go to Webmaster Tools as Google will leave you […]

Hire a Google Partner for Online Marketing

It is no secret to anyone how important Internet marketing is today. A successful Internet marketing campaign can completely turn your business around and get you noticed by many more people than you ever have before. Of course, finding the right firm to help you with this type of quality marketing is the real key […]