How to Do Search Engine Optimization for Voice Search

Search Engine Optimization for Voice Search

Technology is in constant motion and evolution. And one of the biggest impacts on this matter is the advent of voice search. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets or voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home has changed (one more time) the way people perform searches for products and services. Thus, how to […]

What is Local SEO and How can it Help your Company?

What is Local SEO and How can it Help your Company

There’s some type of business that don’t necessarily need to reach a national or worldwide audience. It’s niche or the type of products and services they offer need to focus in a specific geographical area. If this is your case, it’s in your best interest to know what is local SEO and how can it […]

How to Make a Profitable SEO Strategy in 2017

How to Make a Profitable SEO Strategy in

Most of the businesses today are aware of what SEO is and why it’s so important. Most organizations implement some sort of strategies to try to rank their webpages in the precious first results in Google. Eventually, many of them get poor results or directly fail on this matter. How to make a profitable SEO […]

Law Firm SEO Experts in Los Angeles

Law Firm SEO Experts in Los Angeles

Among the many industries requiring marketing strategies today, lawyers is one that demands them the most. The services of law firm SEO experts in Los Angeles are essential to make a difference. Attorneys not only struggle with the complexities of their activity. The also deal with an increasing online competition, changing consumer shopping behavior and […]

The End of Dmoz

The End of Dmoz

The end of human curated websites has occurred and no one truly seems to mind or care, which is rightfully so. With the advent of powerful search engines such as Google and Yahoo, sites like Dmoz became pretty much obsolete. However, years went on after the creation of these powerful search engines and Dmoz still […]

Selecting an SEO and Web Design Agency

The Internet and technology have progressed so much in the last few years that even remote areas and businesses that may have never considered having a website in the past are moving forward with web plans. Of course having an effective website is so much more than just having a web address with some information […]

Difference Between SEO and CPC


The primary difference between SEO and CPC is that the traffic from SEO is free while the visitors from CPC isn’t. But they’re an essential part of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Several factors affect how your content or ads will appear on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The keywords you’re targeting, the keywords you […]

How to Boost Local SEO Rankings?

boost local seo rankings

Local businesses think differently than their larger businesses counterpart. One the reasons is that they must focus on capturing the attention of the locals. That said, it’s ideal to learn how to boost local SEO rankings to improve web presence on search engines.   Google’s algorithm for all local searches is based on blended results. […]