What Should Your eCommerce App Be Like?

What Should Your eCommerce App Be Like

The market for a mobile app is consistently growing. Since it’s growing daily, mobile app developers are also growing while the number of apps available hit new heights. With growth, revenue also increased. These days, consumers opt to use a mobile app to purchase products. Analysts expect the growth to swell up to 45 percent […]

The Importance Of Having A Mobile Web Design In 2017

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A mobile web design is user-friendly. It allows your site to load faster when your visitors view it using their mobile devices, like smartphone or tablet. More and more individuals are using their mobile devices for various tasks, like checking their social media accounts, buying products and researching for something. Because of the increased mobile […]

Tools to Test If Your Site is Mobile-Friendly


Mobile-friendliness is a significant ranking factor used by Google. With this in mind, if you’re site isn’t properly optimized for mobile devices, it’ll receive lower rankings in search results for mobile. Since mobile Internet use has overtaken desktop usage, you should heed this information. Now, if you’ve noticed a drop in your search rankings after […]

Silicon Beach Growing Each Month in Los Angeles

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Before, techies flock to Silicon Valley to put up their business and build their homes. These days, however, engineers, entrepreneurs, and techies are going to a better place where they can’t just web surf, but they can also wave surf. That place is known as Silicon Beach and it’s growing each month in Los Angeles. […]

GuSTO Going Supernova Traits Optimizer iOS App

GuSTO Going Supernova Traits Optimizer

With New Year’s Resolutions planning in mind, it’s time to put your plans for achieving your goals into action. Available in Apple’s App Store when searching for GuSTO Going Supernova Traits Optimizer or for direct download when on your iOS device at: http://www.mentorinsight.net/gusto-app/, this app allows you to easily connect and interact with sought after advisers […]