Doing Voice Search SEO in 2018 the Right Way

Voice Search SEO in 2018

Thanks to the advent of voice command devices like Alexa or Siri, voice search is getting bigger and bigger. This type of queries are predicted to reach up to 50 percent of all searches in the next two years. So Starting to understand voice search SEO in 2018 is an optimal way to get ahead […]

Machine Learning in SEO: How does it Work?

Machine Learning in SEO

Machine Learning in SEO is one of the most crucial areas to take care of when it comes to rank a website on SERPs. This is a term that has seen a growing popularity in these days, but not too many people actually know how it works. According to the Stanford University, ‘machine learning is […]

The True Benefits of an SEO Friendly Website

an SEO Friendly Website

Most companies that suffer from poor SEO are unaware that’s why things aren’t going well.  Sub-standard SEO doesn’t manifest itself as social media marketing posts with a small number of likes or clicks. The signs are websites that don’t reach their potential customers, meager sales, listless traffic and a general sense that the business has […]

Google’s New Algorithm Research

Google’s New Algorithm Research

May 2018 brought Google’s New Algorithm research. This new algorithm intends to change the way queries are answered and with this, the overall influence of traditional ranking factors. Just like last March and April updates, this new algorithm update was created to improve relevance. The publication of this update was announced via Twitter. The official […]

Improving SEO Content: Get Rid of Flabby Words

Improving SEO Content

If you want to increase your website traffic, you need to attract the attention of your readers. But with the overabundance of online content, there is no reason why readers should read your content if it isn’t engaging them. Improving SEO content is a priority when it comes to attract traffic to your website. One […]

Golden Rule of SEO: Stop Writing Forgettable Content

Golden Rule of SEO

Increasing your ranking on Google Index is no longer a matter of producing relevant content. There’s a golden rule of SEO that says that content has to add value to the reader. Do you find that your website’s visitors often comment, share your content through social media, and post links to your website on their […]

Improving SEO Content with Powerful Writing

Improving SEO Content

You may have a great idea, but what good is it if you can’t relay it to your readers? Truly effective writing lies in its ability to attract the reader’s attention, and to keep it throughout the whole post. So improving SEO content with powerful writing to communicate your ideas the best way possible. Here […]

5 SEO Mistakes That Can Get You Banned From Google

5 SEO Mistakes

There is nothing worse than pouring months of work into your website, watching your audience increase, and taking a breath of relief per the success of your website, only to one day find yourself removed from Google’s search results. However, that is the reality that many websites face by not being familiar with the rules […]

What is White Hat SEO?

What is White Hat SEO

In Digital Marketing, White Hat SEO refers to the search engine optimization practices that follow the terms and conditions of the most important search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing. They are mostly focused on human audience instead of merely the search engines. It’s also called ‘ethical SEO’ because it’s a clear, honest way to […]

The Importance of Keywords in SEO

The Importance of Keywords in SEO

In Digital Marketing, keywords are singular words or phrases that are used to attract specific audiences to your website. The objective, of course, is to turn those visits into conversions. SEO aims to do this “organically”, which means that no payment is involved. The importance of keywords in SEO is out of the question. When […]