How to Successfully Implement User Personas in SEO

User Personas in SEO

User personas are fictional characters that represent an ideal customer. They’re used in Marketing to research the goals, needs and behaviour patterns of a target audience. Over the last years, the implement of user personas in SEO has seen a healthy spread. This technique has proven to be quite useful to find the right keywords […]

Understanding How SEO Tools Work

How SEO Tools Work

There are over 1.2 billion websites on the internet. Along with the efforts from major Search Engines to filter those websites through new algorithm and more updates, every marketer needs to take special care to face the challenge of making their sites rank properly and attract traffic. Therefore, understanding how SEO tools work becomes a […]

Recent Changes to Keep in Mind For Your 2018 SEO Strategy

2018 SEO Strategy

We’re already halfway through the year and there are many changes to keep in mind when it comes of a successful 2018 SEO strategy. Even though many of those shifts have been developing during the last years, their impact is getting heavier. Many marketers are out of business, while others learned to stay on top […]

All You Need to Know About Google Partners Directory

Google Partners Directory

Google Partners Directory is the new venture of the giant search engine to list its most trusted third parties. This directory is part of the ‘Google My Business Partner Program”. It aims to promote companies registered in the Google My Business program. According to an official statement, “The program will give business owners a directory of […]

New Negative SEO Attack Method Discovered

New Negative SEO Attack

A new Negative SEO Attack method was recently discovered by Bill Hartzer of Hartzser Consulting. This type of negative SEO attack is different from others. Apparently, it seems to be impossible to recover from it if the attacker website is unknown. The attack takes advantage of the canonical tag that search engines support. It copies […]

March-April 2018 Google’s Algorithm Update Aims Content Relevance

2018 Google’s Algorithm Update

Last March 12th Google confirmed the release of a Broad Core Algorithm Update on their Official Public Liaison Twitter account. This update was followed by another one released on Monday, April 16th. Although these updates occur several times every year, the announcement created some initial confusion in the SEO world, as its purpose was not […]

How to Properly Optimize SEO Content on WordPress

Optimize SEO Content on Wordpress

In our last article, we shared the essentials on how to write SEO content for your website. Now, the next step is to make your blog rank high on SERPs. To do that, it is important to know how to properly optimize SEO content on WordPress. We want to focus on WordPress for two main […]

How to Write SEO Content for Your Website

How to Write SEO Content

How many times did you read the phrase “content is king”? Although repeated, it’s essentially true; especially in Digital Marketing. How to write SEO content for a website is something that many marketers struggle with. Not only because of the effort that takes to feature original, appealing and fresh writing but also, because it’s necessary […]

Key Elements of a Good SEO Strategy

a Good SEO Strategy

Ever since the internet became massive, the main objective of every company with a website is to show up at the top of search engine’s lists. This guarantees that billions of online users will see your brand. Most of them will not go beyond the first page of Google, Yelp or Bing. So the competition […]

Can a No-Follow Tag Help Boost Your Search Ranking?

Help Boost Your Search Ranking

Some people cringe when they hear “nofollow” tag in SEO. The reason for this is that SEOs detest nofollow links. But it must not always be the case. In 2005, search engines created a nofollow attribute to fight link spam. Then, Google recommended that website owners must use it for paid link ads. It was […]