What Is SEO For Law Firms?

What Is SEO For Law Firms

SEO can be time-consuming. Even if your website is for a law firm, the basics of SEO are still the same. Most of the time, law firm owners hire an SEO specialist. However, before you go down that road too, you must understand the fundamentals of what is SEO for law firms and how does it works. […]

SEO Requires Quality Content

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Not all content on the web offers value. In fact, most of them are junk. Therefore, Google intends to deliver the ideal solution by ranking sites that provide high-quality content to their visitors. With good content, your site will generate better links. It also assists RankBrain of Google to understand your site and how it […]

Google Killed Off Link Command

Google Killed Off Link Command

The link command is officially dead, and Google is telling all webmasters and SEO experts to stop using it. But what is link command? You may ask. It is a feature that lets you use “link:www.domain.com.” So, if you write “link:www.google.com,” the result will include a list of web pages that contains links to Google’s […]

SEO Trends To Watch In 2017

SEO Trends To Watch In 2017

Google, Bing, and other search engines change their rules frequently. That said, you should stay abreast to the changing landscape of SEO to meet your company’s search-based targets. So, this year, make sure that you adjust your site’s SEO strategy. How? Here are some tips. AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP reduces bounce rate. AMP […]

Reasons Google Hates Your Site

Reasons Google Hates Your Site

Google is considered as the ultimate judge regarding ranking how your site works. That said, make sure that you are on the search engine giant’s safe side. Now, if your site is not ranking well, there is a huge chance that Google hates it. To remedy that, make sure to audit your site frequently to […]

Should You Hire An SEO Expert?

Should You Hire An SEO Expert

Yes, you should. That is if you want your site’s ranking to improve. Hiring an SEO expert is an investment. The ROI may not be immediate, but it gives you significant results over time. Optimizing your site for the search engine is an important decision you can make to get more customers. If you do […]

Are Backlinks Vital?

Are Backlinks Vital

When you are learning search engine optimization, pretty sure you have heard of backlinks. So, you may be wondering what they are and what they can do to your website. These days, web designs require content that can assist web page to land on top of the search engine results page. Backlinks are vital for […]

Should You Use an SEO Agency in Los Angeles?

Should You Use an SEO Agency in Los Angeles

Marketing and advertising your business has always been important so that you can get the name of your company in front of as many people as possible. In today’s world, the approach has changed drastically over taking ads out in the phone book or your local newspaper and letting that do the talking for you. […]

Is Your SEO Strategy Working?

It’s hard to determine whether or not your SEO strategy is working. The reason for this is that there are several factors to consider, like bounce rates, engagement, monitoring, etc. Eventually, however, you need to know what is truly driving revenue for your business. So, what metrics should you use when determining whether or not […]