The Latest Updates that Impact on Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategy

No business in 2018 can ignore social media anymore. No matter what niche you work in, there will be a platform for your target audience. And for your business sake, you can’t ignore it. In this article, we will review some of the most important updates that impact your social media marketing strategy. These updates belong […]

How an Effective Social Media Marketing Increases Business

Effective Social Media Marketing

Just a few years ago, “social media marketing” meant writing a tweet and then calling it a day. Today, for a company to have effective social media marketing, it requires a strategy designed and implemented by experienced professionals. Running a business is a full time commitment, and every moment a business owner spends with their […]

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

There is life beyond Facebook and Instagram. And understanding how to use Pinterest for Marketing can be a game changer for you. And among the many Social Media platforms out there, this platform is a rough diamond for marketers. It reached the 200 million users in late 2017. People perform over 2 billion queries every month; […]

The Best Instagram Marketing Practices for Local Businesses

Best Instagram Marketing Practices

It is known that Instagram is the Social Media of choice for the Millennial generation. Those who grew up using the internet and handling a cell phone made it the third most popular Social Media right after almighty Facebook and Youtube. As a local business, you can capitalize such huge potential by acing some of […]

Facebook Marketing Updates for the First Half of 2018

Facebook Marketing Updates

Despite the recent data harvesting scandals and Millenials leaning to other Social Media ( like Instagram or Snapchat), Facebook is still the King of Social Networks, counting 2234 million users by April this year. Its growth never stops. And there have been several important Facebook Marketing updates so far for the first half of 2018 […]

Useful Social Media Marketing Tips to Achieve your Goals

Social Media Marketing Tips

Search Engine Optimization is a top priority for anyone doing Digital Marketing. But Social Media Optimization has become equally important. 88% of the internet users rely on at least one of these platforms to get information about a brand. In fact, YouTube is the second most powerful search engine, right after Google. So it’s in […]

How Can I Get More Followers On Instagram?

How Can I Get More Followers On Instagram

Social media is fun. And Instagram is one of the most popular platforms. Millions of people around the world ask themselves “how can I get more followers on Instagram?”. Well, you need to focus on the fun side. But you must also give your audience a reason for why they must follow your account. In […]

How To Perform Social Media Optimization?

How To Perform Social Media Optimization

Social media refers to various online platforms that are available for marketers. These platforms are created to bring people with common interests together. Understanding how to perform Social media optimization is crucial used to produce lots of publicity utilizing a variety of social media sites. There are various ways to achieve optimization of social media. […]

3 Steps To Make The Most Of Instagram

Steps To Make The Most Of Instagram

It’s true that Facebook continues to be the most favorite social media channel. However, it’s not the best platform for eCommerce business. According to some studies, Instagram offers the highest engagement. That said, this Facebook-owned platform becomes a necessity for companies that want to connect with a more engaged group of people. But how can […]