Where Can You Download Public Domain Images?

As a website owner, you should be careful in adding photos to your blog or website to avoid infringing copyright. You can’t just use any image you found online. The good thing is that there are images that fall under public domain category. Public domain images can be used for whatever purpose you choose. Although […]

GoDaddy Acquires ManageWP

GoDaddy Acquires ManageWP

On September 6, GoDaddy announced that it had acquired ManageWP, which is a management tool for WordPress site. This tool allows designers and developers to manage their multiple WordPress sites using a single dashboard quickly. They can do so regardless of where these sites are hosted. ManageWP includes automated migration, client reporting, and security features, […]

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud storage allows you to share your files and conduct business on the Internet. Dropbox and Google Drive are just two of the cloud storage companies that offer cloud services to protect your private data. However, the safety of data in the cloud has been called into question after Dropbox reportedly warned its users to […]

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

Google released several changes to its SERP. It has removed the sidebar ads that appeared in the right part of the results. The ads were transferred to the above section of the SERP. With four sponsored results on top, there are fewer slots available left for organic results to appear above the fold.   By […]

Silicon Beach Growing Each Month in Los Angeles

feature silicon boardwalk

Before, techies flock to Silicon Valley to put up their business and build their homes. These days, however, engineers, entrepreneurs, and techies are going to a better place where they can’t just web surf, but they can also wave surf. That place is known as Silicon Beach and it’s growing each month in Los Angeles. […]