Edge SEO: A New Trend for 2019

edge seo

2018 is about to end. It’s an exciting moment in Search Engine Optimization as a new paradigm is emerging. Edge SEO is probably the last major standard in this practice, derived from the desktop-first to mobile-first transition. Voice search is another key factor in this new way of doing SEO, as well as the continuing updates Google performs almost every month.

As its name implies, Edge SEO uses edge computing technology in order to generate a new implementation, testing and research process that goes beyond the parameters we usually operate in. It uses service workers, which are serverless technologies that executes JavaScript on the edge without an impact on the underlying infrastructure.

Edge Computing: The Base of Edge SEO

One of the purposes of Edge computing is to close the gap between users and the source of data. The objective of this technology is to decrease latency and bandwidth by implementing service workers. Thus, it is possible to reduce the obstacles of legacy website platforms and tech stacks, unhelpful developers and congested development queues. One good example of these service workers is Cloudflare Workers. When implemented onto website, they drastically enhance its speed and security.

Edge computing contribute to modify content and implement essential technical SEO components with practically one click code deployment and a minimal associated DevOps involvement and costs. When implementing this technology, it’s fundamental to have web development experts involved in every conversion and planned deployment to make sure they complement to the existing code base. Thus, you can avoid conflicts and many possible bugs. Another option is to maintain your own reverse proxy, like Nginx and Lua.

edge seo

Implementations in Technical SEO

Aside of making your website faster and your web application delivery more efficient, you can also enhance the edge layer to contribute to technical SEO. You can basically change everything you want about what your platform delivers and have full control of its Document Object Model (AKA DOM) before your site is served.

There are two main elements that are especially benefited in this practice, which are the ability to implement and manage hreflang tags on scale and to implement and manage redirects:

  • Service workers offer a new implementation method of hreflang that enables to alter the direct server response to search engine user-agents and users without having to modify the underlying code base. Utilizing the mobile-friendly testing tool and checking the rendered HTML, you can also validate that Google can see and use the hreflang tags.
  • Service workers can modify the server response before it reaches the user, as well as allowing us to modify the server response code and return a 3XX and perform a redirect. This is a major benefit, as implementing redirects is not as easy as some developers think it is;mostly due to the limitations of servers, their platforms and some development flaws to touch the htaccess file.

Service Workers Implementations on A/B Testing

Service Workers provide new alternatives to A/B testing, log file collection or even when you need to make short term changes to your content. When it comes to A/B testing in particular, Service Workers enable to perform them using Google Analytics to track success metrics and variation performance. With the implementation of worker generator tools, this process can be simple and scalable as you can alter page elements and thus create variations as well as instructing a second service worker to perform the AB testing split.

Implementing all this on your website is also quite affordable, whether you are a small business or a large company. Cloudflare Workers, for example, offer a free plan that is still usable and a $5 monthly upgrade. So you can implement this on your A/B test and get all the other benefits of a Service Worker for a very convenient fee.

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