Best eCommerce Web Design Practices for your Business

Best eCommerce Web Design Practices

The last 5 years have seen a boost in online sales. The advent of high-speed internet and the massification of mobile devices are some of the reasons for such increase. Every business today needs to have its online store, either if it’s a local or a worldwide sales company. Following the best eCommerce web design […]

What Should Your eCommerce App Be Like?

What Should Your eCommerce App Be Like

The market for a mobile app is consistently growing. Since it’s growing daily, mobile app developers are also growing while the number of apps available hit new heights. With growth, revenue also increased. These days, consumers opt to use a mobile app to purchase products. Analysts expect the growth to swell up to 45 percent […]

How Brexit Affects eCommerce?

Brexit was a hot topic weeks ago, and it still is. The effects of the UK leaving the European Union can be immense. Some of them are even starting to show now. But will it affect eCommerce? After this major political decision, economic experts are just starting to learn what is to come. But these […]

Magento Community Version 2.0 Released

Magento 2

Magento Community Version 2.0 has finally been released, after several years of development. Both the Enterprise and Community editions are impressive. However, it may not be used by many of the top eCommerce sites this coming Black Friday because it’s been released just a week before the holiday season. But most sites will surely upgrade […]

Web Designing For Digital Products

Web Designing For Digital Products

The world of ecommerce is increasingly competitive, and many digital products owners are missing the chance to sell their items because they are not able to reach interested audiences. One of the biggest reasons why these businesses are struggling to make an impact with their digital products is due to the poor design of the […]

Google Announces New Security Measure for Website Owners (HTTPS)

New Security Measure for Website Owners (HTTPS)

In the light of recent ongoing hacks, break ins, and breeches of security within the online community both corporate and individual, Google has begun moving forward to accelerate online security for users and creators. In order to promote advanced security measures website owners can take to secure their own domains; Google has begun to reflect […]