Google Updates its SEO Starter Guide

Google Updates its SEO Starter Guide

After over, 7 years, Google revamped its official SEO Starter Guide. It’s a new web-based starter guide that replaces their old 4 PDF one. This new guide includes new sections which highlight the importance of Search Engine Optimization and having a responsive web design, as well as how to add structured data markup. It doesn’t […]

Apple Drops Bing And Opts For Google

Apple Drops Bing And Opts For Google

The primary search service of Siri used to be Microsoft’s Bing. Recently, Apple Drops Bing and Opts For Google to fill in the gaps if Siri can’t give you an answer. Siri is the voice assistant of Apple built in iPhones and Macs. Soon, it’ll be the VA of HomePod smart speaker of Apple. The […]

How Google Uses Deep Learning AI?

How Google Uses Deep Learning AI

Deep learning is a part of artificial intelligence where the magic really happens. Computers are fast, but they’re not very smart as they can’t learn from their mistakes. You need to give them accurate instructions so they can perform a task. With deep learning, the neural networks attempt to mimic how human brains process information. […]

Websites Depot Inc. is Hiring Social Media Experts

Everywhere you turn today you will someone, somewhere, using some type of social media. Billions of people around the world are using accounts all of the time to interact with friends and family, but just as many people today are using it to find a business that offers the products and services they want most. […]

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Online Marketing

Best Paid Traffic Sources

Traffic sources give a description of how people visit specific online sites. And the best paid Traffic sources can be direct traffic which shows people who directly visited and entered the site, referral traffic which shows people who visited particular links but ended up on a different online site, and search engine traffic which represents […]

What are Google Trends?

Google Trends

“Google trends” is an online public search tool for Google Inc. that is based on Google searches. The facility allows Google users to see which keywords and phrases have had the most searches in Google for a given period of time, hence the term “trend”. With online marketing and SEO taking center stage in internet […]

Top rated FREE WordPress plugins

Top rated FREE WordPress plugins

It’s no doubt that WordPress has revolutionized the web design industry in a positive way. It’s so easy to design a website fast and cost effectively. The platform has become even more useful with the development of powerful, free plugins. However, only a few of these make it into the list of top rated FREE […]