Professional Web Design

professional Web Design

Professional Web Design Los Angeles If you have a great business idea that you are looking to get off the ground today there may be no one aspect more important to you than the quality of your website. A great website is going to get you the most notice while a mediocre or poorly designed […]

Affordable Web Development Services of Websites Depot

Affordable Web Development Services

Business owners know that properly communicating with potential clients is critical in today’s competitive market. For that reason, it is more important than ever to use your website in introducing services to your customers. If you are not sure how to do it, please take a look at the affordable web development services of Websites […]

Micro Moments : A recap of our Google Partners Connect 5-4-16

Todays Google Partners Connect event was another great success. It’s always great to sit down with your partners at Google and review the latest trends in online marketing. Today’s event we reviewed the expanse of mobile traffic, and it’s ability yet again to dominate the e-commerce experience. More and more traffic every year is coming […]

SEJ Summit 2016 with Danny Star

SEO Campaigns

The SEJ Summit in 2016 is another day of learning and networking. It features experts who focus on digital marketing opportunities customized for SEOs. And Danny Star, our award-winning search engine marketing consultant at Websites Depot will attend. The Importance of Attending A lot of you may ask, “why to attend such a conference?” Well, […]

Better Visibility with Responsive Web Design

The way people access and use the Internet today is dramatically different from what it was even just a couple of years ago. Where in the past most people would log onto their desktop or laptop computers, today more people than ever before are making use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to find […]

Is Your Site Ready for Challenges in 2016?


There is no doubt that the business world gets more and more competitive with each passing year. Thousands more websites are cropping up all of the time and even as unique as you may think your business niche may be you are going to have competition out there for every sale. In order to meet […]

A 5 Star Rated Web Design Agency in Los Angeles

websitesdepot wordpress design framework

Your website speaks volumes to the world about the type of business you have whether you realize it or not. You may think that the basic site you have that discusses your products and services and has a few pictures is more than enough for you, but the truth may be something far different. You […]

Why you should redesign your website every year

Your business web site is very much like a digital version of a brick and mortar business. Though it would be far more convenient for a website to operate like an old “set it and forget it” infomercial, it just doesn’t work that simply. Just like a physical store front, a website is subject to […]

HTML5 Techniques for Responsive Design

html 5 website

Ever since Google announced the importance of a responsive design in ranking a website, this kind of design has become a web standard. Many companies accepted the challenge and created a design that resolves an issue of cross-platform. Here are some HTML5 techniques to keep in mind when building a responsive design. Responsive images Images […]

Bootstrap – World’s Most Popular Mobile First Responsive Design


Bootstrap is still the world’s most popular framework that designers use to build a responsive design. Responsive design has become a must-have, rather than being just a good-to-have.  As more and more people are opening and browsing the web trough their mobile devices, it just makes sense to make your site mobile-friendly. This framework is an […]