The Benefits Of Personal Branding

Personal Branding

It’s no longer easy to stand out these days. Thanks to the current business environment. However, some strategies can be used to step out of the shadows. Personal branding is vital to give yourself an advantage when searching for a job or boost your current career. Like it or not, personal brand follows you around. […]

What is Branding and Why Should You Invest in It

What is Branding and Why Should You Invest in It

You probably heard about it many times, but are not sure what is branding and why should you invest in it. As it usually happens in marketing, branding is one of those terms everybody knows but can’t say exactly what it means. It’s basically one of the most important aspects of any business. Branding can […]

Marketers Must Focus On Brand Awareness – Here’s Why

Brand Awareness

Before the birth of social media marketing, brand awareness was a top priority. If a brand could advertise on TV or in print, it could easily dominate the industry. In the early days of advertising, brands didn’t need to focus on emotional benefits or unique selling propositions to obtain guaranteed reach. In today’s advertising landscape, […]

Are Online Trolls Ruining the Essence of Social Media?

Social media is a great tool to market your brand. Unfortunately, it is not all good when you use it. For some marketers who have been using it for quite some time, they know that online trolling is one of the most frustrating things about social media. Yes, online trolls are the biggest source of […]

3 Quick Tips For Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing

Optimizing Your Social Media

Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Marketing Profiles  1. Brand Yourself, with consistency. It’s just like real estate, location location location! But, in the world of social media, the location isn’t more than a place in the feed. You have to hit hard, yet not overwhelm potential customers, hence the importance of a branded marketing strategy. Don’t […]