Snapchat Launches Sophisticated Metrics


It’s true that Snapchat’s stock price is slipping. Its investors are uncertain whether it can keep up with other players, like Facebook and Instagram. But the company has a new offering that arms advertisers with comprehensive metrics that can help them compare Snapchat with other social media networks. Recently, it launched a measurement program that […]

Are Online Trolls Ruining the Essence of Social Media?

Social media is a great tool to market your brand. Unfortunately, it is not all good when you use it. For some marketers who have been using it for quite some time, they know that online trolling is one of the most frustrating things about social media. Yes, online trolls are the biggest source of […]

Optimizing Your Social Media for the Search Engines

Optimizing Your Social Media for the Search Engines

Social media started as a place for individuals who want to connect online. But with its capabilities, social media has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Almost half of the population uses at least one social media channel. With its popularity, it should be a part of your marketing strategy, especially if you’re trying to improve […]

3 Quick Tips For Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing

Optimizing Your Social Media

Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Marketing Profiles  1. Brand Yourself, with consistency. It’s just like real estate, location location location! But, in the world of social media, the location isn’t more than a place in the feed. You have to hit hard, yet not overwhelm potential customers, hence the importance of a branded marketing strategy. Don’t […]